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What characterises the magnificent beaches of Rhodes is their unique diversity, thatsatisfies even the most demanding visitor: Pebbled beaches extending along many kilometers, small bays and coves and endless beaches of golden sand.

This variety in combination with their water purity and clarity have made the beaches of Rhodes known worldwide and extremely popular.

It is significant that more than 35 beaches in Rhodes are annually awarded by the “Blue Flags of Europe”, for their safety and organisation. Whatever your preferences and desires, cosmopolitan atmosphere, fun for the whole family, action and sports, or tranquility and returning to nature, it is for sure that in Rhodes you can find the ideal beach to adore!

Visitors can enjoy the sun and the crystal clear blue sea at the cosmopolitan beach of Rhodes town, just a few meters away from the city center! Modern hotels line the beach which is one of the most popular on the island. Perfectly organised with umbrellas and sun beds, beach bars and cafeterias, meetingthe standards of the most demanding visitors!

  • On the beaches of Kalithea and Faliraki, wherethe blue sea meets the golden sand, hundreds of people enjoy swimming and sunbathing or having fun with a variety of water sports, everyday. • The picturesque bays of Kallithea, Ladiko and Anthony Quinn with their clear waters and rocky shores are among the most beautiful and romantic small beaches of the island, and are very popular with couples andyoung visitors.

  • The area of Ixia, with the luxurious hotels and conference centers has a wellorganised beach and together with Ialysos beach nearby, play host to thousands of visitors mainly businessmen and delegates who flock here each season to combine business and leisure. These beaches are also a favourite destination for wind surfing enthusiasts as they are many well organised training clubs for every level.

  • The bay of Kolymbia, with many modern hotels and endless magnificent beach, is a haven for families with small children. The endless Afandou beach with organised water sports and the Golf course of Rhodes, is a yet another favourite choice of visitors of the island.

  • In the area of Archangelos shaded by the steep cliff with the monastery of Virgin Mary on the top. Tsambika bay with golden sand and shallow waters is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. • Beneath the majestic Acropolis of Lindos, visitors can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Lindos bay in a cosmopolitan environment. The beaches of South Rodos, each with its own character,more crowded or deserted, with pebbles or sand but all of them with crystal clear waters, are ideal for relaxing, sunbathing and water sports.

  • At the southernmost edge of the island lies Prassonisi cape. A unique place with twin beaches, where often their waters blend covering the shore and creating images of rare beauty. Prassonisi is a true haven for windsurfers and kitesurfers, as the wind constantly blows onto one of its beaches. It is internationally famous as a natural spot for extreme water sports enthusiasts. Here you’ll find rooms to rent and beachside tavernas.


A quiet beach, away from the hustle and bustle. The golden sand and azure waters offer visitors a chance to relax and enjoy a rejuvenating dive.

The huge, 8-kilometer long beach known as Ixia combines sand and large, white pebbles. According to most of the visitors preferring it, it is the coolest beach in the island, as etesian winds blow during summer months. Some take advantage of the fact and enjoy water sports such as windsurfing.

The beach is rocky, with some sandy spots and several pine trees. The picturesque tiny cove with the crystal waters offers a spectacular sight with the facilities of the medicinal baths on the background, the Baths of Kallithea.


The beach can be reached from the village after a 2-kilometer walk under the shade of tall eucalyptus trees. Charming coves with golden sand and crystal clear waters invite visitors, while if they are lucky enough they can observe the beautiful peacocks that stroll freely in the beach!

Ladiko/Anthony Quinn

In area Ladiko there is a small but charming beach, inside a peaceful cove. It is probably one of the most picturesque beaches of the island. In the next cove we find the “Anthony Quinn” beach. It was here that scenes from the film “The Guns of Navarone” were filmed, starring the famous actor.


Lindos is famous not only for its traditional settlement, its ancient acropolis and its significant archeological site but also for its beautiful beaches. The landscape is amphitheatric, with the acropolis dominating the scenery from above, while the snow white settlement slithers all the way up to the castle. Swimming in the emerald waters and feasting your eyes on the view in front of you, is the experience of a lifetime.

Beach in the city of Rhodes

In this cosmopolitan beach on the north side of the town, one can enjoy the sun and the azure waters just a stone’s throw away from the city center. Big hotels, taverns, bars and shops are also nearby.


Prassonisi is laved by sea from two sides. The waters often unite covering the ground, creating a sight of rare beauty. Depending on the direction of the wind, the one side may be calm and the other tempestuous. This beach is not ideal so much for swimming as for water sports, especially surfing. Hundreds of surfers gather each year from around the world and enjoy the ideal conditions offered by Prassonisi. The spectacle is quite impressive, even for those not keen on the sport. The sky is filled with kitesurfing kites. Equipment is available for rent on the spot.

One of the most beautiful and popular beaches in the island is that of Tsampika. Golden sand and crystal waters, an ideal place for a bath and summer sports. The beach of Tsampika can be reached with boats that make daily cruises from the city.

The beach at Faliraki, with 5 km of golden sand, is a major tourist trap mainly for foreign visitors. The fine sand and warm waters are teeming with hundreds of tourists, as most of them stay in nearby hotels.