Port of Rodos History 408 BC 305 BC 1250 1309 1950 1968 1982 1993 1999 2008 2012 First record of the East Pier known also as the " Windmills Pier" Fortification of the East Pier which is extended to 150 meters Under Byzantium rule the East Pier is reinforced with huge boulders along its entire length, reaching a width of 6 meters The knights of St. John conquer the city  and settle in Rodos. Later they fortify the port and  the harbour entrance is closed by large iron chains as defence against invaders A new quay is constructed extending to the customs building, creating a new area in the harbour - the "Cruise Pier" Additional berthing is added to the Cruise Pier The construction of the Cruise Pier is finalized Further extension of the port begins with the addition of "Akandia Pier" The berths of Akandia Pier are completed. The Port of Rodos receives ISPS certification The Cruise Passenger Terminal is completed and operates in May of the same year click on images to enlarge